Cmentarze Świata

Archaeological Site of Kerameikos , Atheny , Greece

Kerameikos has been the official cemetery of ancient Athens since the XI century BC. to the 2nd century AD It is not only the cradle of European civilization, but also the place where almost everything began. The archaeological region of Kerameikos is not only the oldest museum necropolis in the world. The ancient Athenian cemetery, Kerameikos, was an area inhabited by artisans who mined a lot of clay here for the production of ceramics. The territory of the district adjoined the city walls, and on the other side was the prestigious necropolis of the Athenian nobility and heroes. Buried here, among others, Pericles - the Athenian statesman, one of the "founding fathers" of Athenian democracy, the famous orator and commander of the 5th BC. e. Today's modern archaeological zone called Kerameikos consists of the remains of houses and workshops, temples, public buildings, squares, defensive walls and other fortifications, fragments of a road and necropolises. This is a rather vast field of ruins, partially rebuilt buildings and newly installed tombstones. When in Athens, be sure to visit this place.